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WIN: FREE Dine In At Pancake House – Dubai Mall

Have you heard about the latest news?

The Pancake House International has just opened its second Dubai branch at Dubai Mall’s food court last month.

And you can be part of the six lucky winners which will be announced in the coming days by simply doing the mechanics below.

The new branch can sit around 90 people at the same time.

Delivering consistency on its food and services, the new Pancake House is home to Filipino favorites such as Daing Na Bangus (AED 32), Beef Pares (AED 30), Crispy Corned Beef (AED 32), Beef Tapa (AED 32), Smoked Golden Tinapa (AED 32), and Classic Pan Chicken (AED 32), among others.

The same treatment from Philippines to Dubai is given to every guest and it’s something that needs to be highlighted.

Here are some of the food that you need to try because, um, they’re just too good!

Before devouring the heavy meal, the Best Taco In Town (AED 12) (they’re living with the name, I swear!) This Mexican treat is composed of ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion and served in a crispy taco shell.

If you’re going solo, you might try the Chicken Adobo Taco (AED 12) which is composed of ground chicken with soy sauce and vinegar, vegetable and cheese in a crispy taco shell.

While you're still choosing your meal, you may also have Spicy Chicken Fingers (AED 18) where you can dip on Pancake House’s signature sauce.

Fan of squid? Then you’ve got to taste their Spicy Dynamite Squid (AED 18). It’s golden fried squid served with spicy dynamite sauce.

Here’s a treat that every Filipino worker in Dubai deserves! The Daing Na Bangus (AED 32) is served in a white clean plate with two milkfishes marinated in vinegar, garlic, onions, salt and pepper. YOU’VE GOT TO TRY THIS ONE, I tell you.

You’re not a Pancake House baby if you haven’t tasted their Classic Pan Chicken (AED 25). This is their popular and well-loved crispy and succulent chicken. You’ve got two choices: have it served with fried rice or normal rice with homemade gravy.

Pasta and seafood lovers, brace yourselves because Pancake House is also selling Tagliatelle Seafood Gambero which is Marinara-style pasta which has shrimps, mussel, cream dory and tagliatelle. The pasta is tossed in a tangy tomato herb sauce.

While you’re at it, you may not want to leave the new branch without having a plate of fluffy pancakes!

According to Chef Jerry Rodriguez, they are committed to serving Pancake House food to the Filipinos in the emirate because they understand that they miss the food back home.

Meanwhile, Restaurant Manager Brix Ponce said people keep coming back to them because of the very Filipino ambiance and the service they give to them.

So, the question is, how will you win a AED 100 worth of vouchers?

Mechanics: Just share this Facebook post and comment why do you think you should win this competition and tag a friend who would you want to be with at the Pancake House – Dubai Mall.

We’ll announce the winner before Friday, so yeah, good luck! xoxo

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