• O.G. Wright

Wok n’ Roll: Al Barsha’s Hidden Gem That You Should Try

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

The number of restaurants in Dubai has been momentously increasing each year – but not all offer the quality that the majority’s palate seeks.

But this one – which I sincerely call Al Barsha’s hidden gem – is an exception.

I recently visited pan-Asian eatery Wok n’ Roll with some of my workmates just to try their food.

The area is small but immaculate and is brimming with color orange from the counter, chairs, and even the paper placemats. It was one of the most well-arranged restaurants that I have ever been. It was as if the tables, chairs, plates, and servers were placed perfectly where they should be.

We were welcomed by a Filipino lady who accommodated us from the moment we just entered the door until we sat down the table.

Running my finger down the menu, I notice that it was wordy but well-arranged – just like everything that is present in the room!

We first had their popular and original Jaljeera juice which is basically just an Indian lemonade which is yellow in color and consists of some herbal ingredients. At first glance, it looks like a glass of sparkling beer. The taste doesn’t resemble a lemonade or iced tea that we normally order in restaurants. It’s very unique.

The first set of solid food that we have tried are the dims: Butter Chicken Dims, Vegan Butter Chicken Tandori Dims, Prawn/Chives Dims, and the Vegan Chicken With Thai Green Sauce Bao.

My favorite among the set is the Vegan Butter Chicken Tandori Dims. I couldn’t believe (up until now) how Wok n’ Roll imitates the taste of chicken without even putting an actual chicken but just soya! This, I thought, is a healthy alternative to real chicken if you’re getting conscious about meat intake. The dims that we ate had some Indian-flavor which do not come with authentic feeling. But somehow, I understand why they incorporate the Indian-flavor – they want to be the best Asian fusion restaurant in the country!

The next set we had was Cauli Rice Nasigoreng Mix Prawn With Chicken Satay, Soba Noddles With Spinach Tossed, and Pad Thai.

Eating Cauli Rice Nasigoreng was a bit weird at first. It’s an explosion of flavors. It’s weird because they substitute it with rice. At some point, it’s not weird because this is healthier than the white rice with much sugar.

Speaking of healthy food, the Soba Noodles was also new to me because they serve it tossed in spinach. The sauce is green which obviously bellowing a healthy one.

The team was already impressed with how they put a healthier option in the menu without compromising everything.

To end my one-of-a-kind experience at Wok n’ Roll, I ordered a fresh coconut water because I have never had sip one for almost three years now. It was very refreshing. It just reminded me of the time when we used to drink fresh coconut water from our farm in the Philippines.

Vegan or non-vegan people are most welcome to visit the place as it also offers a wide range of options for both. Just don’t forget to order Pad Thai!

Wok 'n Roll is exactly located at the ground floor of Barsha business square street 319.

Order their food online by clicking here.

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