• O.G. Wright

WOW! UAE Increases Annual Leave For These Employees

Another good news for some workers in the UAE!

Annual and mourning leave will be increased for certain workers in Dubai according to a new HR law which was just approved yesterday for local government employees.

Employees will be granted a total of five days of mourning leave upon the death of relative of the second degree.

The annual leave for employees of grade 8 to 11 will be from 22 days to 25; while grade 7 and below is 18 days from 15.

The government will also now a travel allowance for all employee’s family members who are under age of 21 instead of 18.

Locals can also now apply internally for any vacant position without the need to meet promotion condition if he deserves it.

The will be entitled of overtime allowance from their immediate supervisor.

Those workers preparing for researches, projects and graduation letters will be granted of a 5-day leave.

“We are committed to providing a supportive environment for all Dubai government employees as the performance of the government sector is key to our development journey. Our objective is to ensure a strong work life balance and stability for all government employees,” Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Ruler, said in a statement.

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