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You'll Feel More Comfortable In This Dubai Clinic Because All The Doctors And Staff Are FILIPINOS

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Filipinos are not only excelling in beauty pageants.

Nor inside a boxing arena.

Here in the UAE, little did the Filipinos know, their other kabayans (countrymen) in the medical field are striving to lift their image to be recognized as the ‘best’ as well in their field of work.

A group of Filipino medical practitioners from the Klinika Maharlika has been serving Filipinos in Dubai for almost a year now which is popular for being maalaga (caring), masinop (industrious), madamayin (compassionate) and equipped with pagkakaisa (unity) and pagtutulungan (teamwork).

Since not all Filipino workers here don’t get high salary, Klinika Maharlika was created to cater affordable, dependable and technologically-advanced center of health.

Sharon Rivera, business development manager of the said clinic, said that in Klinika Maharlika they treat their patients like royalties (Maharlika) hence baring the name.

“I personally feel it’s about time to showcase our talents in the healthcare industry.

“Our highly qualified doctors, nurses, and allied personnel are working to various establishments owned and managed by other nationalities.

“Why not have our (very) own? I have full confidence that Filipinos can compete globally hence with full conviction, I have accepted the challenge to set up Klinika Maharlika,” Rivera said.

With their caliber and in-house doctors, Filipinos in the UAE will definitely receive admiration from different nationalities.

Eyeing to set up a stand-alone hospital in the future, this clinic will change the image and perception of the Filipinos as healthcare professionals will promote the raw talent of them.

There is also a Klinika Maharlika in Abu Dhabi which offers the same quality.

Both of these clinics are a business unit under Emirates Healthcare Company, the same firm owning Cosmesurge, Emirates Hospitals and Emirates Clinics.

Dubai’s branch has five specialties licensed by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) with 26 treatment and consultation rooms. Its services include General Medicine, Internal Medicine Specialist, Obstetrics-Gynecology, General Dentistry and Orthodontics, with plans to open two more services soon.

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi branch has four specialties licensed by Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD) with 12 treatment rooms. Its services include General Medicine, Family Medicine, Obstetrics-Gynecology with plans to open three more services soon.

Klinika Maharlika in Dubai is exactly located at the second floor of Al Hannah Center, Al Mankhool St., Satwa, Dubai, near Chelsea Plaza Hotel and Satwa Roundabout. For more information, you may call this number: 04 325 0034.

Klinika Maharlika in Abu Dhabi is located at the third floor of Al Saif Tower Zayed the First Elektra Street. For more information, you may call contact this number: 02 631 0209.

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